Water, Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration – Poughkeepsie, NY

Water and Sewer Cleanup

Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire has been working for over 25 years helping to restore homes and businesses after devastating water and sewage damages. Whether water damage comes from leaky water pipes, backed up sewer lines, or inclement weather, the destructive power of water is unlimited.  When unwanted water in your home or business has caused damage, our expert water damage restoration services are just what you need to put things back in order. We have the skills to handle complicated water damage cleanup; we work with care to get the job done right. You can rely on our water damage repair company in Poughkeepsie, NY, to handle any emergency water damage repair and cleanup that comes your way. Our water damage experts are part of a full-service water damage restoration company; we’re all fully committed to restoring you to pre-loss conditions.

Mold Remediation

Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire is pleased to provide comprehensive mold inspection and mold remediation services to home and business owners in the Poughkeepsie, NY, area. Mold is a destructive element that develops unseen and then slowly causes potentially costly property damage. Our certified mold remediation and mold removal experts have extensive experience cleaning up mold using trusted and reliable methods. We promise we’ll work to find, and eliminate, mold throughout your property. For commercial mold remediation and residential mold removal, you can trust the mold experts at Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire to carefully restore your home or business to a mold-free environment.

Smoke Damage

While the smoke may be gone, the nasty jumble of soot, stains, and odors remain. The smoke damage restoration professionals at our smoke damage restoration company in Poughkeepsie, NY, have an array of reliable methods proven to clean and deodorize almost anything damaged by smoke. Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire is the best smoke damage repair company in the region. We have been repairing smoke damage for over 25 years. Our experience in residential smoke damage restoration and commercial smoke damage restoration is unparalleled. Our commitment to getting you back to pre-loss conditions is unending; no damage escapes our cleanup experts.

Fire Damage

If your home or business has been damaged by fire, call the best fire damage restoration contractor in Poughkeepsie, NY. Cleaning up fire damage is what we do best, and our expert team of fire damage cleanup professionals is ready to handle all your fire damage challenges. The fire restoration specialists at Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire offer a complete array of fire damage services, including inspections, cleaning, and debris removal. For outstanding, proven commercial fire damage restoration and residential fire damage restoration services, call us today. We’ve earned our reputation for excellence and integrity; let us put our skills to work for you.

Puffback Cleanup

Messy, smelly puffbacks of smoke, soot, and dirty furnace oil happen when your furnace or boiler backfires. While puffback damages are certainly unpleasant, cleanup doesn’t have to be when you leave the mess to the puffback cleanup experts at Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire in Poughkeepsie, NY. Our crews are available to clean up the nastiest puffback messes. We provide a full range of puffback cleanup services designed to get your home or business and furnishings cleaned and restored to pre-loss conditions. Puffbacks are never convenient, but a quick call to Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire is all it takes to get on the road to recovery.

Packout Services

Certified Water, Smoke, & Fire offers complete packout, cleaning, and packback services in Poughkeepsie, NY. Our process involves a careful inventory of your belongings, packing and moving to a secure and insured offsite storage facility, and then returning everything back to your home or office thoroughly cleaned and deodorized. When belongings need to be moved to make way for repairs, you can trust us to do the job with care. Restoration is our specialty, and packouts are part of the process. Regardless of the disaster or the damages, help and restoration are just a phone call away. Call us to get the help you need today.