Water Damage Cleanup

Mold Damage Cleanup

Floods, storms, or faulty appliances can cause serious water damage to your home or business property. Dealing with water damage cleanup quickly and correctly helps save property and contents while reducing overall claim cost. Certified Water, Smoke & Fire has the people, experience, equipment, and expertise to clean up water damage the right way.


Our Process to Clean Up Water Damage

  • Determine affected areas and materials

  • Remove water through extraction

  • Dry and dehumidify structure

  • Clean contents and floor coverings

  • Apply antimicrobial and deodorize

If your property sustained any kind of water damage, it is imperative to have the water removed and the structure dried immediately to prevent mold growth. Prevention is the key when it comes to mold damage. Certified Water, Smoke & Fire technicians use the latest technology and equipment to ensure your structure is properly dried down following a water damage to prevent mold from growing. We remove the water before the mold has a chance to grow.

If mold has already grown in a hidden area within your property or is readily visible, our team will determine what caused the mold to grow, mitigate that source, and then clean up the mold without spreading it to other parts of your home or business. We contain the affected area, filter the air, and remove the mold ensuring your health and safety through the process. Certified Water, Smoke & Fire disaster cleanup specialists work with several environmental hygienists and laboratories to determine the type of mold and clean it up properly and thoroughly.


Our Process to Clean Up Mold Damage

New York State Certified Mold Abatement Supervisors and Technicians

  • Dry down structure to remove the potential source of mold growth and control humidity where needed

  • Containment and removal of affected materials

  • HEPA negative air filtration and vacuum

  • Clean and sanitize affected structure, contents, fixtures and surfaces

  • Follow mold abatement protocols

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