Furnace Puff Back Cleanup

What is a furnace puff back?  It is the discharge of soot into your home due to a faulty ignition switch in your heating system. The soot is black and sticky causing a strong, smoke-like odor throughout your home. While more common with oil systems, a furnace puff back can occur with oil or gas, forced air or hot water systems.  When a puff back occurs, soot is spread to all surfaces within your home:  drapes, bedding, furniture, walls, carpet and contents. If the soot travels through your home's duct work, it must be cleaned and deodorized as well.

Over the past 20 years, Certified Water, Smoke & Fire professionals have cleaned hundreds of puff backs throughout New York's capital region, western MA, and southern VT.

Our Process To Clean Up Furnace Puff Backs

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