Furnace Puffback Cleanup

A furnace puffback is not only inconvenient and frustrating, but it can also cause significant damage to your home and furnishings. We’re on call to help if you experience a furnace puffback. We’re one of New York’s most trusted puffback cleanup companies for a reason: we get the job done right. We’ll work to remove any soot and oily residue from your home and contents quickly with little inconvenience to you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call.

Why choose us over other furnace puffback cleanup services? It’s simple: we have over 25 years of experience with satisfying customers. The services we deliver are carried out by trained professionals who know what it takes to get your home back to its previous condition. We also understand that home restoration is an urgent matter, which is why we offer emergency services 24/7.

If you need furnace puffback cleanup services, call us today at 888-464-7880. You’ll speak with someone who’ll walk you through the cleanup process step by step. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call us and discover the Certified Water, Smoke and Fire difference.

We provide furnace puffback cleanup to residential and commercial properties to the following States and Counties:

Massachusetts: Berkshire County and Hampshire County.

New York:  Albany County, Columbia County, Dutchess County, Essex County, Fulton County, Green County, Montgomery County, Rensselaer County, Saratoga County, Schenectady County, Schoharie County and Warren County.

Vermont: Bennington County

What is a furnace puff back?  It is the discharge of soot into your home due to a faulty ignition switch in your heating system. The soot is black and sticky causing a strong, smoke-like odor throughout your home. While more common with oil systems, a furnace puff back can occur with oil or gas, forced air or hot water systems.  When a puff back occurs, soot is spread to all surfaces within your home:  drapes, bedding, furniture, walls, carpet and contents. If the soot travels through your home's duct work, it must be cleaned and deodorized as well.

Over the past 20 years, Certified Water, Smoke & Fire professionals have cleaned hundreds of puff backs throughout New York's capital region, western MA, and southern VT.

Our Process to Clean Up Furnace Puffback Damage

  • Removal of soot and oily residue

  • Use proper cleaning agents on affected surfaces and contents

  • Deodorize



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